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I saw a video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Suddenly Seymour" opposite Ellen Greene. A) It's obviously interesting to have a female romantic interest in a show who could quite reasonably be the guy's mother and B)

I know it's totally unprofessional but I'd be scared shitless playing opposite somebody who has been playing/singing that part for nearly as long as I am alive. o_O
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Oh yay. It's a skimpily clad CGI-babe. Some of us are still trying to get over "Suicide Squad"!
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Okay, there are is a spoiler of sorts in this text. It is, however, not related to the end joke. You will more or less know the controversial joke at the end of "Kingsman", if you've seen the trailer and/or have a reasonable knowledge of classic Bond-films.

The problem is a more basic one )

*Okay, and maybe for the odd person in the audience to go "Oh, can we have another shot of that cleavage, please? Man, I'm totally freeze-framing this on DVD!"
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Okay, a serious point embedded in some darkly sarcastic humour in response to a somewhat sexist ad I got off Buzzfeed.
Pretty dark and probably "too soon".

But if you are still with me )
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Jeder Tag startet gut, wenn man morgens in Bad kommt und sich denken darf: "Ja, dieser Körper ist unansehnlich und wird nie geliebt werden, aber wenigstens ist er noch ein Objekt voller unterdrückerischer Kraft. Das kann man mir nicht nehmen."

Das Hemd bitte immer anbehalten.
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"Can I buy you a coffee?": The strings of "kindness"

Adds a little perspective to it all.
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A quite readable article even if they leave out a chunk of how things developed between the time that Cosey took her kit off in an artistic way and the recent Nachtmahr-Combichrist-Adversary conflict. That stuff did not happen overnight, you know? There was a logical and fairly depressing development.

On Misogyny in Industrial Music"

Funnily enough, some of the arguments in this discussion match the constantly regurgiated discussion on "Nazis in Goth", particularly when it comes to the demand that an artist should step away from their work and comment on their actual opinions/thoughts on the matter in order to quell a possible suspicions. Laibach, as the article states, "hasn’t broken character in over 30 years of interviews" and still nobody seriously suggests they might actually be Nazis or calls for them to unambigiously distance themselves from the Nazis that attend their shows.
Death In June/Douglas P., on the other hand, has (admittedly reluctantly) stepped away from and commented on his work on occasion, as well as confronting fans that found the rainbow flag onstage incompatible with their political beliefs. Yet, his explanations are simply discarded as false excuses, his contradictions are seen as invalid/irrelevant and he remains the poster boy for Nazis in Neofolk. Frustrating!
YMMV on this, but IMHO there is nothing wrong with an artist presenting him/herself onstage as a baby-eating, this-that-or-something-else-hating, satanist monstrosity calling for death, destruction and eradication of this, that or something else. That stuff has worked well for decades in metal and it probably will remain popular. As long as they don't show the same attitudes off-stage as well, it's fair enough. (Or if they do, they have to live with the consequences. That is what distinguishes Varg Vikernes from Marilyn Manson.)
This approach requires the listener/fan to critically approach the material, though, to not raise their arm to a salute when the artist does. Think of "Tomorrow belongs to me" from "Cabaret". It is rousing and if it is staged well, you do want to join in and the moment you catch yourself wanting to salute, suddenly forced to face something dark inside yourself, is the moment when the magic happens.
Reaching this critical moment is hard, particularly if the artist in question has built a complete entity that almost entirely lacks any "cracks" to begin an analysis/deconstruction with. Laibach's "cracks" are things like their avantgarde past and their usage of seemingly innocent pop songs. It bewilders the listener, thus making him/her think.
Death In June, on the other hand, have been fairly consistent and "crack"-free since essentially becoming a one man show.
Zentriert Ins Antlitz's "Geschäftsfrau" drags you out on the dancefloor with its catchy beat and then faces you with a fairly tough conversation, which hopefully let's you hesitate for a second and go "Hang on, what am I dancing to? What have I been dancing to all night for that matter?"
(To be continued)
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It certainly does not change give me a greater appreciation of the franchise and I can definitely see some issues people might have with the article, but in the interest of impartiality here it is:

The Twilight Legacy: How It's Changing Cinema
Love it or loathe it, Twilight might make the movies better...
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I actually blame RomComs and their predecessors to a certain degree, too. There still seems to be this ancient idea present in some guys' heads that in order to "win a woman's heart", you have to "conquer it". The metaphor alone tells you all about what is wrong about this idea and why, besides harrassment of the above kind, it also gave rise to the oft-discussed "nice guy fallacy".
You do not "win" or "conquer" a woman's heart by being forward, by "getting into her good books" through favours, much less through supposed "chilvalry" or "wooing". A "heart" (or more to the point, a woman. This is always about possession and control, isn't it?) is not something which you can "win" or "conquer", much less by wiles or strength.

Of course you will tell me (and yourself) that you are only doing the woman a favour by praising her beauty but this is not what this is really about.
You don't want her to notice that she is beautiful, you want her to notice what a swell guy you are for saying these things to you, in effect not validating her but your own self-worth. Sorry that it makes you angry when your ego is not stroked in this way but don't take it out on somebody who only has something to do with all of this in your head.
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There is now a special pink Kinder Suprise, "just for girls".
What has the responsible office been smoking to come up with this fantastic idea?

Comedy Gold

Jun. 7th, 2012 02:08 pm
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A question to Robert Downey Jr. and ...that chick who looks good in leather. You know, the one with the big boo... mouth.

Something inside me is chuckling at this and then another part comes along and hits the first part for laughing. It's complicated.

Übrigens: "Ich bin nicht Rappaport" läuft wieder. Mit unveränderter Besetzung. Günther Kaufmann ist jetzt aber auch tot.

Hasi 2

Jan. 5th, 2012 06:20 pm
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Jemand hört mir offenbar zu. Oder hat ähnliche Gedanken. Auf jeden Fall wurde das kürzlich erwähnte Plakat gegen Tiermast mit den "Playboy"-Bunnies in der Zwischenzeit ausführlich kommentiert (mit zusätzlichen "Gefällt mir" von diversen weitere Leuten). Allerdings hätte es mich auch gewundert, wenn dem nicht so gewesen wäre. Schließlich ist ganz in der Nähe eine Plakatwand, die schon solange wie ich die Gegend frequentiere von einer Reizwäschemarke besetzt wird. Und genau solange dauert es auch meist nur wenige Tage bis jemand die Plakate mit Slogans, die sich über den empfundenen Sexismus auslassen, dekoriert. Keine der Parteien macht Anstalten aufzugeben.

Andererseits, wo sonst sind Bilder von Frauen in Reizwäsche so angebracht wie auf Werbeplakaten für letztere? Da stelle ich mir schon eher die Frage, was der ursprüngliche Gedankengang dahinter mit halbnackten Frauen für Tierschutz zu werben, war? Bei PETAs Anti-Pelz-Kampagne stand ja mal eine klare Logik dahinter, aber hier? Ist das nur der Wortwitz mit den Bunnies oder was? Tierschutz und Vegetarismus kann man damit bewerben, daß man an das Mitgefühl der Betrachter appelliert oder darüber, daß sich die Betrachter besser/edler/elitärer fühlen wollen, aber geiler? Soll das so funktionieren, wie wenn man in einem Club einer Frau, die man total heiß findet, anspricht und sie erwähnt, daß sie Vegetarierin ist, worauf man dann natürlich gleich sagt, daß man ja eigentlich auch nur Gemüse isst, aber natürlich nur aus rein fleischlichen Motiven. Soll das so funktionieren? Soll man sich denken: "Hey, wenn ich dieses Jahr keine Hasis esse, kommen die Bunnies dann auch zu mir und möchten sofort mit mir schlafen!"?
Das klappt nicht!
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Der Plural wird weder im Deutschen noch (for that matter) im Englischen mit Apostroph-S gebildet und es auf einem Plakat doch zu tun, spricht nicht gerade davon, daß Ihr eine seriöse und ernstzunehmende Kampagne seid.

Punkt 2: http://www.kaninchenmast.info/wp/wp-content/uploads/bunny_poster.jpg

"Bunnies gehören vernascht"? Really? Is that so? Das ist ja jetzt, sagen wir mal, nicht allzuweit weg von "Feministen gehören nur mal richtig durchgefickt." Ihr wollt also, daß ich das Häschenfleisch als empfindsames Lebewesen respektiere aber Frau Habeck und ihre Kolleginnen* dann doch für mein rein persönliches Vergnügen konsumiere?

Natürlich sind die PETA-Kampagnen noch schlechter, aber haltet Euch ran. Da kann man aufholen.

*PS: Ganz großes Lob an das Team. Noch billiger kann man die drei echt nicht aussehen lassen ohne einen Wohnzimmerschrank dahinterzustellen.
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I know that it's a long-running and often quoted joke but in moments like these I occasionally wonder whether there might not really be people who believe that looking at a penis for too long can turn a young and impressionable boy gay? :-/



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