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The world would be a screaming asylum. The closest thing to what we call "relationships" today would be sudden bouts of extreme violence and/or sex flaring up suddenly and unpredictably, literally in the time it takes you to have a thought.
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As designed by H.P. Lovecraft and David Lynch. With a breakfast room styled like the bridge of a Super Star Destroyer.
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No. I'm from Germany. We're only allowed to celebrate other countries' independence from us. XP
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No, but when I was younger, a friend warned me about stroking a sleeping cat, asking whether I thought it would appreciate being disturbed in this manner.
Quite besides my worries about getting bitten/scratched, I felt that it was probably also disrespectful and so I refrained.

Cats, on the other hand, have never had any qualms about disturbing my sleep. Perhaps if I started to scratch and bite, they would respect my personal snoring bubble more.
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Modern mobile phones. Not only do other people expect you to be always available, you also get to feel like every last blip of your opinion is important enough to be always available to the world. Which then leads to shitheads feeling the need to talk and text wherever they are, even if it's in the auditorium of a theatre, where the boundaries of who should be listened to and who should shut up are very clearly delineated.

This was only made worse by all these cameras being included in the phones. Now you are always on display and that strange idiocy that people can be prone to while on camera is everywhere.


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