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Funeral music.
Sex scenes.
Stabbed with an icicle, the perfect murder-weapon.

If you come looking, (if), you won't find me in a better mood.
You find me rooting in the shit of my memory, at every corner only finding that yes,
the past was a crap as I remember it,
these people are not your friends and, in fact, they never were,
what the fuck did you ever hope to find there?

All you found was all there was to find, which is to say:
Disappointment and frustration
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Am a bit surprised that nobody has come up with any answers on the song-lyrics-quiz yet. Most of these are pretty easy. Nonetheless, just to tie up loose ends (and, as you know, I am all in favour of tying things up), here are the answers for the film-quotes quiz:

I want some answers, dammit! )

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Just because I feel like it, the first lines of the fifteen songs my computer comes up with at random. But can you tell what songs they are?
For easy recognition, only songs that actually have lyrics are included to save me the bother of trying to transcribe industrial sounds:

1. The feel of the action is far behind

2. All around me are familiar faces "Mad World" by Tears for Fears (Or in this case it's the version by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews) Identified by the unsurpassable [livejournal.com profile] galaxy_girl00

3. AAAAAH! Outta time, and outta place, and out of spies.

4. Bitte Bitte lass mich "Wenn Du zu mir kommst"

5. Let me take you on a trip, round the world and back. "World in my Eyes"by Depeche Mode. A year's supply of pubic hair gel goes to [livejournal.com profile] tryste.

6. As I lay here with you, shame lies with us

7. Fear holds me here, watching, waiting, watching

8. The sun is shining, we should be making hay

9. Don't believe A.E., see for youself the summer fields

10. Why don't you get a life and grow up? "Propaganda" by Sepultura , when they still were a force of nature. Shaking her hair vigorously: [livejournal.com profile] inquis

11. treading the glacier head, looking hard for moments of shine

12. The bats are in the belfry, the dew is on the moon

13. No time to fuck, but you like the rush

14. Disobey!

15. If I walk down this hallway, it's too quiet "Your Ghost" Kristin Hersh [livejournal.com profile] inquis driving circles
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Yes, there I was, thinking of how much I liked the "Sandman"-graphic novels, and all of the sudden I just had to smile more than I ever smiled before.
Maybe I had been wrong all these years. Maybe the way to becoming more attractive did lie in smiling more.
What do you think?

When I see you, I am all smiles. )

Of course, you can also overdo it:

It wasn't the smile that disturbed her that much... )
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I have to admit that [livejournal.com profile] carnaaki appealed to my ambition with his little quiz-thing and that's why I have decided to do one of my own. But, as my knowledge is by far not as encyclopedic as his, this is bound to be reasonably easy. Especially as the more gothically inclined amongst you might recognize the odd bit used in a song.

So, here goes, I pass the mic to the Chris Tarrant of Hell:

Would the king of geeks please stand up )
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This is a chemical mail, this is the way I planned it, it started with an idea with song I heard on the radio earlier today. I thought that it should be very, very easy to turn the song into a theatrical monologue. Then other songs came to mind and I opearted bits out of them and implanted them into my monologue. So far I have given it very little time to grow and mutate, which is ideally what I want this thing to do.
So, if you want to, take it, nurse it, make it mutate, feed it custard that has grown fur and the little fungi from the floor. If you want to be a cruel parent, operate on it, sever it limb from verse-foot and stitch it back together. If you feel like it, translate it back into English and change the phrasing to better suit your tastes. And, one day, let me see what has grown from this mutant.

mutantenpoesie )
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The long and the short of it )
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I mean, we get a new pope now and if you look at pictures of him from only a few years back, you cannot help but notice that he looks a lot more cadaverous now than he did back then, as if something was eating at him from the inside. Made me think of a conversation I had with a friend a year back.

We get a new pope in April and in May there is a certain film coming out and I think there's a link.
I've had this vision of the throne-room in the Vatican. This young and naive priest enters the giant chamber and slowly and carefully approaches the papal throne.

Priest: Your Holiness?
Slowly the throne turns around. Sunken in its huge form is the living cadaver that is Pope Benedict XVI. He looks at the priest, but says nothing.

Priest: You, erm, wanted to speak to me, your Holiness?

Pope: Yes.
His voice is a gravelly whisper.
I wanted to dsicuss the plans for the next year with you. There has been too much talk of the middle ages recently and too little action. You know, my young one, we were quite powerful in the Middle Ages, it was a good time.

Priest: Yes, I know, your Holiness.

Pope: You know nothing. But soon you will learn. My predecessor was a good man, but he misunderstood what had to be done. There was far too much talking of doing the Lord's work. I will favour a more hands-on approach.

Priest: What do you want done?

Pope: The Americans were good. They searched high and low for those weapons of mass destruction and I am sure they were thorough. It was just a shame they searched in the wrong place.
I have spoken to the cardinals an hour ago. Within the next hour, the Lord's Wrath, the up-to-now secret nuclear bombers of the Vatican shall take to the skies and send the cleansing fire onto this new world of Sodom and Gommorrah. Soon, after the Swiss Guards will start their invasion. I want you to commandeer them.
Now is the time to show the world how God's own country is really created.

Priest: But, sir, I thought that was against the rules.

Only now does the priest see the Pope's face properly, ravaged by the Dark Side of the Force into a leering mask of anger and sadism. The Pope fixes the Priest with a long look and then says:

Pope: I have changed. The Rules.


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