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After the fantabulous [profile] inquis came up with the intriguing collaboration of Scooter vs. Cradle of Filth - Faster! Harder! Satan! recently, I was wondering what other collaborations you fine and upstanding people could think of?

Marilyn Manson vs. Shirley Manson vs. Charles Manson covering We are family.
Peaches vs. Six feet under covering Me so horny
Type 0 Negative vs. Crash Test Dummies vs. Tindersticks vs. Nick Cave - Vocals from the afterlife

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Yes, there I was, thinking of how much I liked the "Sandman"-graphic novels, and all of the sudden I just had to smile more than I ever smiled before.
Maybe I had been wrong all these years. Maybe the way to becoming more attractive did lie in smiling more.
What do you think?

When I see you, I am all smiles. )

Of course, you can also overdo it:

It wasn't the smile that disturbed her that much... )
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] tamdragon
If you woke up and I was in bed with you,
what would be your first thought?

After you answer this put it in your journal and see what happens. ;-)
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I had forgotten that I had this.

I actually do not remember that much about this party, only that I stood by the bar and the barkeep said something nice about my costume. Which was pleasant, because my artificial blood had actually not turned out the way it had been supposed to, looking more like dead skin than gore.

Which, in the end, was alright, so I'm more of a zombie than a demon, I can live with that.
Oh, and (though It don't remember this for certain) I am pretty certain that the music at this party was dire, but that's RHUL Student's Union for you, the only union where people are disappointed when "Four Star Mary" plays Buffy Night.
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Another two quizziethings )
PS: As if they wanted to mock me, I found out yesterday that "Minority Report" is on telly in October. Bugger!
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Check out the rest of the site as well. This is pure genius in my opinion.
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this might well be a link of interest for you.

Behind my demonic exterior, certainly I laughed.

"Would you like to see my mask?"
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This is real harcore:

Can't really tell this singer from Dani Filth:
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The long and the short of it )
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I mean, we get a new pope now and if you look at pictures of him from only a few years back, you cannot help but notice that he looks a lot more cadaverous now than he did back then, as if something was eating at him from the inside. Made me think of a conversation I had with a friend a year back.

We get a new pope in April and in May there is a certain film coming out and I think there's a link.
I've had this vision of the throne-room in the Vatican. This young and naive priest enters the giant chamber and slowly and carefully approaches the papal throne.

Priest: Your Holiness?
Slowly the throne turns around. Sunken in its huge form is the living cadaver that is Pope Benedict XVI. He looks at the priest, but says nothing.

Priest: You, erm, wanted to speak to me, your Holiness?

Pope: Yes.
His voice is a gravelly whisper.
I wanted to dsicuss the plans for the next year with you. There has been too much talk of the middle ages recently and too little action. You know, my young one, we were quite powerful in the Middle Ages, it was a good time.

Priest: Yes, I know, your Holiness.

Pope: You know nothing. But soon you will learn. My predecessor was a good man, but he misunderstood what had to be done. There was far too much talking of doing the Lord's work. I will favour a more hands-on approach.

Priest: What do you want done?

Pope: The Americans were good. They searched high and low for those weapons of mass destruction and I am sure they were thorough. It was just a shame they searched in the wrong place.
I have spoken to the cardinals an hour ago. Within the next hour, the Lord's Wrath, the up-to-now secret nuclear bombers of the Vatican shall take to the skies and send the cleansing fire onto this new world of Sodom and Gommorrah. Soon, after the Swiss Guards will start their invasion. I want you to commandeer them.
Now is the time to show the world how God's own country is really created.

Priest: But, sir, I thought that was against the rules.

Only now does the priest see the Pope's face properly, ravaged by the Dark Side of the Force into a leering mask of anger and sadism. The Pope fixes the Priest with a long look and then says:

Pope: I have changed. The Rules.


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