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Like "You suffer, but why?"
At least if he practices that scream a little bit more. ;-)


In other news: Finished "Jekyll", found it even sillier than I remembered and lost faith in Gina Bellman. And in case you are wondering: No, I am not getting my hopes up for Moftiss' "Dracula".
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About 6.5 years after really liking it. Now, 4 seasons of "Sherlock" and a few episodes of "Doctor Who" later, I'm not quite as taken with it anymore.
James Nesbitt is great, Gina Bellman is gorgeous and at least the first two episodes show a lot of promise. Oh, and some of the dialogue is really funny/witty, just as some of the twists are quite inventive.

More than ever I am starting to doubt that Gina Bellman is much of an actress. I have this theory (mainly on the basis of "Coupling") that there is a certain type of woman that pops up in Moffat series that is mainly there to look gorgeous but little else. Gina Bellman is certainly the most capable actress on that spectrum, but it pains me to actually look at her in those terms. Having said that and knowing that she has apparently done good things on "Doctor Who", I always suspected that Michelle Ryan was pretty much a Moffat Woman in this series.*

In the same vein some of the dialogue is clearly funny but delivered terribly which makes me wonder how the director could let it be fucked up so badly. :-/
The Scary Opera Vocal is also starting to become annoying and quite frankly who ever thought that the comedy monster teeth were a good idea particularly as Hyde never really uses them?

Two more episodes to go and I know this is the part where it's getting silly.

* In case you're interested: To me the worst of the bunch is the "Woman with the Legs" in Coupling 2.1. Yes, she is pretty but she cannot deliver an honest line to save her lip gloss.
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This occured to me recently. I have two or three more profound ponderings I might or (more likely) will not share with a larger audience but this is short and to the point, so I can ask it now:
As I have stated before, I am about as interested in my friends' sexual orientation as I am in their preferences in jam/marmelade for breakfast. However, I have over the years heard various arguments to back up the theory that being gay is unnatural/wrong/sick. And while I disagree with them or in some cases have to say that it might come down to a matter of interpretation/opinion, the proposed arguments do in many cases at least have a coherent internal logic. If for example you subscribe to the theory that the purpose of sex is procreation and not pleasure, yes, it does follow that gay activity is unnatural/wrong. However....

What I can not figure out though is a logical argument against bisexuality that goes beyond those raised against unisex preferences. Have any of you wise and experienced people ever been faced with one of those and if yes, what was it?
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Why is there money for yet another stonkingly loud but inherently vapid Michael-Bay-Transformers-nassacre but not enough to develop films, or Cthulhu forbid!, a fucking telly series based on The Culture?
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Enjoy the view.
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Having now seen the trailer for the "Ghost in the Shell"-remake on the big screen three times I was reminded of just how breathtaking the film will probably look in that format. Watching trailer (and films!) on a small laptop just isn't the right way to experience them.
At the same time I also suddenly wondered why a "live action" remake of an anime was even considered necessary, except for purely monetary reasons. Particularly, as the "reality" the film presents is a very stylized one heavily influenced by.... anime and computer games. It's ouroboros of modern culture.
The same goes for "Beauty and the Beast". Just.... why..... why.... why?
Fuck this fake nostalgia!
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I saw a video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Suddenly Seymour" opposite Ellen Greene. A) It's obviously interesting to have a female romantic interest in a show who could quite reasonably be the guy's mother and B)

I know it's totally unprofessional but I'd be scared shitless playing opposite somebody who has been playing/singing that part for nearly as long as I am alive. o_O
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Oh yay. It's a skimpily clad CGI-babe. Some of us are still trying to get over "Suicide Squad"!
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Well, the "Ghost in the Shell"-trailer actually looks fairly decent. Didn't see that one coming.
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TW for discussion of rape.

No mother should have to go through any of this.

But I mean, it works. It's certainly making me feel even worse than I did already.
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Just because you feel uneasy about your own urges and desires does not give you the right to assume you know a lady's character (and/or moral uprightness) based on the length of her skirt.
Just like you must not project your own indefinite thoughts and feelings of helplessness and assume you can judge somebody's character or political views based on the band t-shirts they wear.
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So it would appear that all the songs from the RHPS-remake are now on Youtube.... and based on the ones I've seen so far....it's the cowardly playing-it-safe-option I feared it would be... with all the subtextual problems mentioned before.

Because that's all Laverne Cox is, right? Just a sweet transvestite. :-I

Plus, it is heartbreaking to see what state Tim Curry is in after his stroke. ;_;

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"Science Fiction Double Feature" (Credits) from the MTV RHPS

PS: Yes, I know that it's counterproductive to link to it while feeling so negative about it at the same time.
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Im September sind wieder Abgeordnetenhauswahlen in Berlin. Das heißt, daß seit dem Wochenende mehr und mehr Laternenpfähle mit Wahlplakaten in verschiedenen Höhen dekoriert sind. Der übliche Prozess sieht vor, daß bald auch Plakatkritik vorgenommen werden wird. Frank Henkels Plakate z.B. werden in der Nähe der Rigaer Straße wohl nicht lange halten.
Mir fiel ein sehr buntes Plakat mit dem eigentlich gar nicht mal so doofen Slogan "Die Sicherheit muss besser organisiert sein als das Verbrechen" auf. Leider war es von der FDP, die inzwischen auch wieder ein Büro auf der Reinhardtstraße hat(welches sie seit der letzten Wahlschlappe vorübergehend los war). Deren Posteraktion ist zwar gut, aber nicht mal annähernd gut genug um mich zu überzeugen, ihnen in den nächsten Jahren meine Stimme zu geben. Dafür war ihre Politik in letzter Zeit in zu starkem Maße eine wachsende Bankrotterklärung.
Ein anderes Juwel der FDP-Slogankunst ist: "Berlin braucht Tegel". Man kann in diesen Satz viel Schönes reininterpretieren. Wer schonmal in Tegel war, weiß, daß es dort viel Schönes gibt, aber auch viel, was in anderen Ecken von Berlin auch schon en masse vorhanden ist, im Großen und Ganzen aber ach niemand vermissen würde, wenn es weg wäre. Leere Fußgämgerzonen z.B. Aber hier bezieht sich "Tegel" wohl auf den Flughafen, der ja trotz aller ursprünglichen Planung immer noch in Betrieb ist. Nun, ich mag den Flughafen Otto Lilienthal (wie er eigentlich heißt) und das Wahlversprechen "Tegel bleibt erhalten" wäre auf jeden Fall ein Punkt für einen Kandidaten, aber in dieser vagen "Braucht"-Formulierung, die nebenbei natürlich noch die These, daß Berlin Tegel hauptsächlich braucht, weil man mit den Bauarbeiten am BER einfach nicht zu Potte kommt, ist es mir dann doch etwas zu vage und, um ehrlich zu sein, doof.

Auch betrübt es mich etwas, daß das allererste AfD-Plakat, das ich in diesem Jahr gesehen habe, direkt vor meiner Haustür hängt. Insgesamt scheinen die Jungs und Mädels von der Nein-Nein-wir-sind-keine-rechte-Partei sich gute Chancen in diesem Viertel auszurechnen. Da hängt jetzt einiges. Eigentlich etwas erstaunlich, wenn man bedenkt, wieviele "ausländisch" aussehende Menschen mal hier auf der Straße sieht, von den Touristenströmen mal ganz zu schweigen.
Die AfD ist auch sehr groß mit den "Braucht"-Plakaten.
"Berlin braucht Regeln"
"Berlin braucht mehr Blau". Ich wünschte, daß wäre ein Bekenntnis dafür, das offizielle Alkoholverbot im ÖPNV abzuschaffen, aber leider ist es nur der typische Ruf nach mehr Polizei.
Und zum Schluss: "Berlin braucht Schnauze". Ich habe vergessen, was damit ausgedrückt werden sollte, aber frühmorgens im Halbdunkel liest man das gerne als "Berlin braucht einen auf die Schnauze". Womit wir wieder bei Frank Henkel wären.

In circles

May. 19th, 2016 04:38 pm
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I suspect that you lied to me.
And in truth I don't mind you did.
It wasn't a big lie and it wasn't an important distinction.
But it gives me food for thought
if you did, you lied to me only because you think I lied to you earlier
Which I didn't.
Which I never did.

I do not want to play this game.
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I really don't know how I feel about the casting of an actual transsexual as the "Sweet Transvestite". :-/ I mean, it's blunt and it's obvious and it's gimmicky but then again it's a FOX production for the "youth of today". I don't really think that releasing another film version of RHPS is the sacrilege that some groups may be treating it as. IMHO it is as necessary/valid as, say that recent run of "Jesus Christ Superstar" featuring John Lydon as Herod. I mean, Joel Grey is cool but Alan Cummings is, too, and he's probably more up to the task of performing an entire musical than Mr. Grey. So, meh!
However I also think that Rocky Horror is very much a product of its time and while it certainly has helped people find themselves/their true sexuality back in the day and while undoubtedly people are still finding likeminded individuals through it even nowadays, it doesn't really hold up any longer. Society has moved on and men in drag are no longer the wreckers of civilisation they used to be.
Also, Frank N. Furter is still an alien, per definitionem "The Inhuman Other". And an evil alien at that. Not really a poster boy for tolerance.

Our tragedy

May. 3rd, 2016 03:34 pm
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We turn into the people somebody less experienced thought they should be
and break the hearts of the creatures we are.


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