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Like "You suffer, but why?"
At least if he practices that scream a little bit more. ;-)


In other news: Finished "Jekyll", found it even sillier than I remembered and lost faith in Gina Bellman. And in case you are wondering: No, I am not getting my hopes up for Moftiss' "Dracula".
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It has been far too long since I shared some music. So here is a classic of doom metal, complete with an early appearance of Dead (before he was late) doing the official Dance of DOOM.
(Gratitude to Doomlord GW)

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Two links apropos of nothing in particular:

Men photographed in clichéd Pin-up poses

The idea is interesting/funny but I disagree with the attached statement:
It’s interesting how much more absurd some poses instantly look when they’re being done by men.
That's like saying that you only realise just how ridiculous some lap dog outfits look when you put them on a pitbull.* It all comes down to socio-esthetics and role concepts. None of these are any more ridiculous than any others. Yes, you may laugh at the Hyperbarbies on telly but in the end they are just an elaboration and aesthetic distillation of an idea of "femininity". Or maybe you enjoy Jodie Marsh more the way she looks now.

Slut Rock? Louise Brown On Using Sexuality & Gender In Metal

I admit that I have recently become somewhat out of touch with trends in metal but this filled me with very good memories of my headbanging days. I actually had not been aware of how many fantastic female-fronted metal bands are out there but remember just how taken I was with Kitty, My Ruin and Queen Adreena for a while. I might post some Queen Adreena later. :-)

Speaking of Pitbull: I saw the video to the "Men in Black III"-theme. When a song makes you long even for a fraction of a second for one of the Will-Smith-tracks, you know you've done something wrong.

Erm, what?

Mar. 12th, 2008 11:44 am
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I am not entirely certain whether this is cool or a travesty:

Yeah, don't give up your day-job. (Top marks for effort, though):

Doom Metal!

Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:38 am
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Why did I not realise at the time that most of the music in Doom and Doom 2 was based on metal records?

Oh, that's right: Because I didn't know most of the records back then. :-)
Still, very cool in hindsight.



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