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Having now seen the trailer for the "Ghost in the Shell"-remake on the big screen three times I was reminded of just how breathtaking the film will probably look in that format. Watching trailer (and films!) on a small laptop just isn't the right way to experience them.
At the same time I also suddenly wondered why a "live action" remake of an anime was even considered necessary, except for purely monetary reasons. Particularly, as the "reality" the film presents is a very stylized one heavily influenced by.... anime and computer games. It's ouroboros of modern culture.
The same goes for "Beauty and the Beast". Just.... why..... why.... why?
Fuck this fake nostalgia!
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There has been a "Stonewall"-film for, oh my, 20 years now. I'm not sure if it's still as good as I remember it but I remember it as pretty good. :-)

...although the thought of Roland Emmerich filming the Stonewall Riots the way he normally films the destruction of New York/The World has a certain entertainment value.

Here, have an earworm:
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Dragged kicking and screaming, then given a Schultheissknolle and calmed by whispering some lyrics from "Heroes" in its ear, from the ever-excellent Kreuzberg'd.

Mela, Mela, Mela, Mela, Melancholia!
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The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing

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Okay, a serious point embedded in some darkly sarcastic humour in response to a somewhat sexist ad I got off Buzzfeed.
Pretty dark and probably "too soon".

But if you are still with me )
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Absolutely shite weather out there. This is not the way I imagined this summer, but then this is not the way I imagined a fair few things.
I feel motivated to listen to Sol Invictus' "An english garden", even though this charming if creepy ghost story has changed in associations for me. Yes, I can still see the english garden in the rain in front of me but now I also see the staircase leading upstairs in the house, the terrifying calm having descended upon it, every last creature in the house under the fog of expecting the screaming to start again.

There was a time when I still had the paradise lost in front of my inner eye, knowing where and what it was I wanted to return to. These days, all that has faded and I seem to not even have the words to describe it anymore.
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as the "what did you blog about X years ago?"-meme seems all the rage at the moment and as I love a good meme, here is my take on it.

Here we go:
18/5/2011: Looking at/celebrating the fact that I had been a member of Dreamswidth for two years then. Hey, that means that there is another anniversary coming up soon. :-)
The post of the day on another platform celebrated the fact that there was a quite nice picture of me wearing impossibly tight silver trousers while being nibbled at by a woman my teen self would certainly approve of.

14/5/2010: A mini-rant about I discussion I had had some time before and aggravation about it not having gone to my liking in the slightest. Or rather about the feeling that the other person had simply decided to consider my opinions invalid for reasons I can only speculate on. I love a good discussion but I really hate disrespectful people.
Something that really hasn't changed.

11/5/2009: Oh, hang on, so I have been doing this for more than three years now, haven't I? Apparently I have. This was the first post here and oh, how enthusiastic and naive was I back then.
Other platforms describe film trailers I had seen the day before. "Terminator Salvation" turned out to be alrightish but nothing to write home about.

May 2008: Thoughts about what horror films might have inspired and influenced my younger self and the start of a new job (and the non-start of another). Also, annoyance about my social life, which unbeknown to me was about to be shaken up something rotten in the near future. People lost, people gained, friendships tested, scars being left.
15/5/2007: Two posts addressing the BBC Panorama special on Scientology broadcast the night before. Scientology were a major topic in Berlin in those days having opened their new German Org half a year earlier. My views have not changed since then.
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Vor einer Weile war ich auf einer Halloweenparty (also ist gut abzuschätzen, wann ;-), wo, aus nicht näher anzuführenden Gründen, hauptsächlich Schlager gespielt wurden. Unter anderen kam man nicht darum herum, gleich dreimal "Punker Maria" von Dieter Hallervorden zu bringen. Wer das Lied nicht kennt, es ist eine "Blödel"-Coverversion des Schlagers "Santa Maria", nur, daß sich der Text jetzt um einen jungen Mann, der vor kurzem zum Punk wurde um der Dame Maria zu gefallen, dreht. Besagter junger Mann hat nun aber seine Sicherheitsnadel aus dem Ohr verloren und fürchtet den Zorn seiner Angebeteten. Als das Lied dann zum dritten Mal kam, fiel mir so richtig auf, wie sehr sich die Mainstreamkomiker der 70er und 80er seinerzeit über die Punks und alles, was auch nur ansatzweise alternativ sein könnte, lustig machten. Alte Männer, die den Punk geben. Bald darauf würden sie anfangen zu rappen. Und mit sowas haben wir unsere Köpfe gefüttert. Es ist ein Wunder, daß ich nicht zum totalen Spießer geworden bin.
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Right, rewatched "ANOES 5: The Dream Child" now and found it actually less painful than I thought. Yes, the story is all over the place and some of the deaths are not a cool these days as they appeared back in the 90s, but at least the film does have a plot of sorts (as opposed to "Dream Master"). Also, "Dream Child" deserves a bonus point for some of its visuals. Watching "Dream Master" and "Dream Child" back-to-back might make for a satisfying experience. Or maybe not...

I also started on "Freddy's Dead" and.... yes..... it's certainly novel..... and a live-action Warner Brothers-cartoon..... which isn't necessarily a bad thing.... but "Gremlins 2" did it so much better.... can we please never talk about the Super Nintendo thing again? Yes, let's just put it in the same black hole that Indiana Jones' fridge and the Matrix sequels went into....
EDIT: Finished the film now and it did not get any better. Truly just "one for the fans". One wonders whether they will give it a new and digital 3D-ending once it comes out on BluRay, though.
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Back in the day when i was still but an impressionable young horror-fan, the "A Nightmare on Elm Street"-series could easily be described as my favourite franchise of that genre, but then it also was the only franchise I actually watched all parts of (at the time). "Friday the 13th" hardly excited me at all and "Halloween" somehow never got me any further than the first installment. (I did not manage to get hold of a decent version of "Hellraiser" until much later.)
At the time, I watched all (then 6) parts in two sessions together with a friend, courtesy of his Dad's film collection.
For years I thought of the films in terms of "Part 1 great and scary, Part 2 absolute shite, Part 3 good, Part 4 okay, Part 5 worst of all, Part 6 funny and actually a fresh start (but not scary)".

Almost 20 years later it now became time to revisit this obsession of my past, a franchise I still feel a strange emotional connection with, despite the fact that I have become markedly more cynical in all things horror recently.

So far I got as far as revisiting all parts up to 1988's "The Dream Master" (Part 4) and...
...well, I am cynical.

The original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" still holds up as an inventive and effective narrative but has aged very badly IMHO. This goes for the effects as much as the general air of melodrama.

"Part 3: The Dream Warriors" still holds up best of all films bridging between a good standalone movie and the franchise that arose from it, in other words between "Scary Freddy" and "Funny Freddy". There are actual characters that interact in some way, the plot makes some sense and there are very few moments which make the older Me groan. Also, I imagine that the film works as much on its own as it does as part of a longer series. All that and inventive deaths, what more do you want? (Boobs? Yes, they are there, too.)

The younger Me remembers quite liking "Part 4: The Dream Master". The older Me was happy when it finally finished and is quite scared at the thought that Young Me says thst Part 5 is even worse. Seriously, this film takes no prisoners when it comes to continuing the plot pretty straight from where Part 3 left off (ignoring some big plot-holes here, though) and then throws itself into a new plot-strand that very obviously only attempts to guide the viewer from one creative death to the next, the bases of which are very obviously signposted early on (That girl likes to work out and hates cockroaches? Hm... I wonder how she will die.). There is some character-development of the main protagonist but it might as well be handled with title cards for all its bluntness and clicheè (The mirror, the mirror! Oprah Winfrey is calling!).
Part 4 also is not content with picking up the mythology established in Part 3 but has to create hokey metaphysics about Guardian of the Gate of Good/Bad Dreams that I even found ridiculous as a teenager. Whereas Parts 1 and 3 tossed the metaphysics in and the either properly worked with them or just used them as background, Part 4 actually seems to take them seriously, in the midst of a film with a plot for which "flimsy" already is a compliment.
It strikes me as a film that was exclusively made to milk a cash-cow (sucessfully! It's the second higest grossing film of the series) but other than that, would be best forgotten, were it not for some good effects and memorable one-liners.

You've been paying attention, haven't you?

Yes, I skipped over "ANOES 2: Freddy's Revenge".
Now, as a teen I just thought the film was bad. As a postgrad who knows about things like "homoereotic subtext", I developed a slight respect/appreciation of the film and as a cynical viewer, I see the film as a rushed sequel (with a homoerotic subtext that really is quite impressive for a major american film of the 80s.) which certainly would have benefited from not being a NOES-film. Which it isn't really: Freddy kills a grand total of zero people in their dreams*. There are big plotholes, neither Mark Patton nor Kim Myers are cut out for their starring roles and I would like to erase every scene set in a school bus or involving a toaster from my mind but on the whole you are left with the thought: "Well, it wasn't all shit. There was a better movie in there wanting to... come out." Indeed.
In effect, it's what "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" is for that franchise.

Let's see what Parts 5-7 will bring.
(I am not rewatching "Freddy vs. Jason". I enjoyed it at the time, much like I enjoyed "Bride of Chucky", but it's still too fresh in my mind to require another viewing.)

Addendum: This resurgence of interest in ANOES was partly triggered by me listening to a series of audio plays (released in 1990) based on the first three films. This series was cancelled about as quickly as one expects a series aimed at children which is based on 18-rated films to be cancelled but bizarrely enough, it still holds up about as well as the films.
Well.... partly. It is noteworthy that the author of the tapes was very faithful to the films' dialogue and that he managed to get most of the plot across in a suitably scary way while at the same time not mentioning any blood, cuts or stabbings.
The only notable censorship is that the fate of Coach Schneider remains very unclear and ultimately confusing, but other than that, all the gay subtext is present. ;-)
There are also some subtle changes of how the families interact with each other, which one can only interpret as the author attempting to be more right and proper. In contrast to this (or maybe not) there is also some dialogue between two african-american characters in Episodes 5 which one could not get away with these days, neither in film nor in german audio plays. The basis of this is in the german dub of "The Dream Warriors" but the audio play still turns it up a notch.

*And only men in reality (disregarding the birds for the moment), in stark contrast to the ladykiller he is in the other films. You see, that subtext works on all levels.
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(Okay, so this might well be considered a german-specific post but I will still write this in English. For no good reason whatsoever.)

Now, I remember a major hooha from some years back about drink cans being very, very wasteful, both to produce and to recycle and that therefore they should be avoided as much as possible. This was the Nineties and this was Germany. Those were 0.33l cans of Coke and as far as my perception went, they disappeared from the streets of Germany. Dosenpfand came after but it did not touch the Coke-cans of my youth because they no longer existed.
And everyone was happy.

But recently, the Coke-cans came back, except that the now only contain 0.25l. Whose bright idea was that?
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Can you get any more 80s than this?

Brings back so many memories!
If you, too, know what it feels like to feel nostalgic about computer-games, go to http://www.thelegacy.de and spend hours looking for the games that kept you awake in the olden days.
Some of these games had really good music.
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Back when I was funny and made the Scots laugh.


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