Jun. 27th, 2012

von_geisterhand: Monika küsst Jörg. Sie liebt ihn. (kiss)
Absolutely shite weather out there. This is not the way I imagined this summer, but then this is not the way I imagined a fair few things.
I feel motivated to listen to Sol Invictus' "An english garden", even though this charming if creepy ghost story has changed in associations for me. Yes, I can still see the english garden in the rain in front of me but now I also see the staircase leading upstairs in the house, the terrifying calm having descended upon it, every last creature in the house under the fog of expecting the screaming to start again.

There was a time when I still had the paradise lost in front of my inner eye, knowing where and what it was I wanted to return to. These days, all that has faded and I seem to not even have the words to describe it anymore.


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