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So it would appear that all the songs from the RHPS-remake are now on Youtube.... and based on the ones I've seen so far....it's the cowardly playing-it-safe-option I feared it would be... with all the subtextual problems mentioned before.

Because that's all Laverne Cox is, right? Just a sweet transvestite. :-I

Plus, it is heartbreaking to see what state Tim Curry is in after his stroke. ;_;

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"Science Fiction Double Feature" (Credits) from the MTV RHPS

PS: Yes, I know that it's counterproductive to link to it while feeling so negative about it at the same time.
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Who would have thought?
Neil LaBute's "Wicker Man" really is as bad as they all said it was. And contains significantly fewer uses of the word "Fuck" than I would have assumed. But then, I have been watching the PG-13 version.

Right. I will assume that you are familiar with the 1973 version and that, for whatever reason, you don't mind me spoiling the LaBute-version for you.

Otherwise, go and watch the original, then come back. )


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