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I know the video has been making the rounds of the internet for a while now but still: I can only applaud the work and dedication that must have gone into this and therefore it goes up once more:

Tool isn't the easiest band to cover and as much as I despise the Neo-R&B-style of female vocals, in this case it's probably the healthiest way of not copying MJK.

Respect to all concerned and a motivation to parents everywhere to encourage their children to learn an instrument. Possibly even the Theremin.
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Do we really need another "Chucky"-film? No, we probably don't. The "Child's Play"-franchise so far has been a two-trick pony. You had a pretty decent horror film which would have definitely benefited from a little more ambiguity as to whether the killer is really the doll or whether it's actually the little boy but still works well enough as it is. Seriously, even my Mom likes it. And then you had two bog-standard slasher-flicks, providing the gorehounds with what they crave before Ronnie Yu made one of the very rare offspring of "Scream" that actually works on the humour- as well as the horror-level. The less said about "Seed of Chucky", the better.

And now here we have the reboot! *fanfare* Starring Brad Dourif's daughter and Brad Dourif! "Chucky: The next Generation" on so many levels but this time round you get a female instead of a male protagonist. Tropes ahoy!
On the basis of the trailer, I suspect that the new film will not involve a great deal of the ambiguity and actual scariness that made the first film great but instead go for jump-scares, gore and thoroughly vulnerable female characters. I also suspect that I will go any watch the film nevertheless, or at least rent it together with the latest "Hellraiser"-reboot.

The thought that won't leave me alone, though, is that the reworked Chucky looks a lot more like an "evil girl" than his previous incarnations, which considering the female human protagonist and the still male voice looks a lot like a missed opportunity for some intereting new aspects to the franchise.


Feb. 25th, 2012 11:31 am
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This song has somehow wormed its way into my life. I have a faint idea how it might have done it but not with any degree of certainity. In any case, I am very happy that it delights my week that has otherwise been musically scarred by a persistent Ohrwurm of "Genie in a bottle". X(

I share and I hope you enjoy. :-)
Play it loud!

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On the occasion of me having been to a rather fine concert recently, I would like to share with you two tracks that particularly appealed to me. Just because. That is not to say that some other tracks by the same artists are not also deserving of your attention, so look around.

A folk song about ASBOS?

Trio Noir - The wild, wild berry

The video sadly does not give you an impression of the full sound or the sheer nervous energy that Sieben possesses. The SO actually had to close her eyes during his performance because he made her too jittery. ;-)

Oh dear, I said "two", didn't I? Ah well, doesn't matter now. Have an extra track that some of you might already know: An English Garden.
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I haven't done the music recommendation thing in a while, but the simple fact that I have listened to this song about four times in the last 48 hours makes this worthy enough to be shared. Also, I am still pondering making an Autumnal Playlist and if this isn't an Autumn song, I don't know what is.

(Sadly, the last minute of this video has buggered sound, so you will have to make do with part of the song. Thankfully, it's the good part. ;-)

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There is hope.
Happy CSD, peeps.
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It might be the dark side, though.
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Our often reliable and mostly very attractive sources bring news of a new Faderhead video (taken from the up and soon to be coming album "FH3". Go and hassle your local dealer on Oct 10th*)
And seeing that we have actually met some of the people gyrating in this video, we feel it is our duty to spread the word.

Play it loud!

*And if you like the music, go and buy the album. Lars Ulrich may not notice if you download "Death Magnetic" and share it with all your friends, but Mr. FH will know if you do the same thing with "FH3". Don't make him sad. It looks great when he smiles. :-D

Support your musicians!
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Also check out the interview: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=88045552

A Seattle girl, who would have thought?


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