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Like "You suffer, but why?"
At least if he practices that scream a little bit more. ;-)


In other news: Finished "Jekyll", found it even sillier than I remembered and lost faith in Gina Bellman. And in case you are wondering: No, I am not getting my hopes up for Moftiss' "Dracula".
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Dragged kicking and screaming, then given a Schultheissknolle and calmed by whispering some lyrics from "Heroes" in its ear, from the ever-excellent Kreuzberg'd.

Mela, Mela, Mela, Mela, Melancholia!
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The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing

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Jörg Kachelmann erteilt der ARD eine Absage:
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I know the video has been making the rounds of the internet for a while now but still: I can only applaud the work and dedication that must have gone into this and therefore it goes up once more:

Tool isn't the easiest band to cover and as much as I despise the Neo-R&B-style of female vocals, in this case it's probably the healthiest way of not copying MJK.

Respect to all concerned and a motivation to parents everywhere to encourage their children to learn an instrument. Possibly even the Theremin.
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Varg Vikernes arrested...once more.

While I am not much of a fan of the "Oh, prisoners these days have it so easy!"-argument and while you could quite reasonably say that Varg did serve the sentence for the crime he was convicted of and therefore deserves his freedom for the time being, I do find it a bit puzzling that it did take this long before law enforcement became interested in him again.
This isn't the first time they found him next to a large amount of automatic weapons after all.
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The article has a good overall message but there are some details where I feel the author is too optimistic/utopian to the point of naivité. Still, very worth reading and thinking about.

The danger in demonizing male sexuality.
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Do we really need another "Chucky"-film? No, we probably don't. The "Child's Play"-franchise so far has been a two-trick pony. You had a pretty decent horror film which would have definitely benefited from a little more ambiguity as to whether the killer is really the doll or whether it's actually the little boy but still works well enough as it is. Seriously, even my Mom likes it. And then you had two bog-standard slasher-flicks, providing the gorehounds with what they crave before Ronnie Yu made one of the very rare offspring of "Scream" that actually works on the humour- as well as the horror-level. The less said about "Seed of Chucky", the better.

And now here we have the reboot! *fanfare* Starring Brad Dourif's daughter and Brad Dourif! "Chucky: The next Generation" on so many levels but this time round you get a female instead of a male protagonist. Tropes ahoy!
On the basis of the trailer, I suspect that the new film will not involve a great deal of the ambiguity and actual scariness that made the first film great but instead go for jump-scares, gore and thoroughly vulnerable female characters. I also suspect that I will go any watch the film nevertheless, or at least rent it together with the latest "Hellraiser"-reboot.

The thought that won't leave me alone, though, is that the reworked Chucky looks a lot more like an "evil girl" than his previous incarnations, which considering the female human protagonist and the still male voice looks a lot like a missed opportunity for some intereting new aspects to the franchise.
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"Can I buy you a coffee?": The strings of "kindness"

Adds a little perspective to it all.
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A quite readable article even if they leave out a chunk of how things developed between the time that Cosey took her kit off in an artistic way and the recent Nachtmahr-Combichrist-Adversary conflict. That stuff did not happen overnight, you know? There was a logical and fairly depressing development.

On Misogyny in Industrial Music"

Funnily enough, some of the arguments in this discussion match the constantly regurgiated discussion on "Nazis in Goth", particularly when it comes to the demand that an artist should step away from their work and comment on their actual opinions/thoughts on the matter in order to quell a possible suspicions. Laibach, as the article states, "hasn’t broken character in over 30 years of interviews" and still nobody seriously suggests they might actually be Nazis or calls for them to unambigiously distance themselves from the Nazis that attend their shows.
Death In June/Douglas P., on the other hand, has (admittedly reluctantly) stepped away from and commented on his work on occasion, as well as confronting fans that found the rainbow flag onstage incompatible with their political beliefs. Yet, his explanations are simply discarded as false excuses, his contradictions are seen as invalid/irrelevant and he remains the poster boy for Nazis in Neofolk. Frustrating!
YMMV on this, but IMHO there is nothing wrong with an artist presenting him/herself onstage as a baby-eating, this-that-or-something-else-hating, satanist monstrosity calling for death, destruction and eradication of this, that or something else. That stuff has worked well for decades in metal and it probably will remain popular. As long as they don't show the same attitudes off-stage as well, it's fair enough. (Or if they do, they have to live with the consequences. That is what distinguishes Varg Vikernes from Marilyn Manson.)
This approach requires the listener/fan to critically approach the material, though, to not raise their arm to a salute when the artist does. Think of "Tomorrow belongs to me" from "Cabaret". It is rousing and if it is staged well, you do want to join in and the moment you catch yourself wanting to salute, suddenly forced to face something dark inside yourself, is the moment when the magic happens.
Reaching this critical moment is hard, particularly if the artist in question has built a complete entity that almost entirely lacks any "cracks" to begin an analysis/deconstruction with. Laibach's "cracks" are things like their avantgarde past and their usage of seemingly innocent pop songs. It bewilders the listener, thus making him/her think.
Death In June, on the other hand, have been fairly consistent and "crack"-free since essentially becoming a one man show.
Zentriert Ins Antlitz's "Geschäftsfrau" drags you out on the dancefloor with its catchy beat and then faces you with a fairly tough conversation, which hopefully let's you hesitate for a second and go "Hang on, what am I dancing to? What have I been dancing to all night for that matter?"
(To be continued)
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It certainly does not change give me a greater appreciation of the franchise and I can definitely see some issues people might have with the article, but in the interest of impartiality here it is:

The Twilight Legacy: How It's Changing Cinema
Love it or loathe it, Twilight might make the movies better...
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It has been far too long since I shared some music. So here is a classic of doom metal, complete with an early appearance of Dead (before he was late) doing the official Dance of DOOM.
(Gratitude to Doomlord GW)

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I am still undecided about whether I agree with this highly politicised reading of "The Cabin in the Woods" (Contains spoilers, but then you really can't talk about the film without giving away the central idea) just as I will probably have to rewatch "Firefly" looking for hints of Ayn Rand's philosophy in it.
On the other hand I do agree that "Cabin in the woods" seriously fell down once it tried to go deep. On the surface it is a fairly entertaining ride but when you start to think about "what the film might want to say", you start to notice the logical flaws and half-baked ideas. I see the ending not so much as political but rather as insufficiently developed.
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A Coilhouse-article with plenty of links which might be of interest to some people (looking at you, Hübbel-Schlurf-Vampir ;-):
I am so goth, I was born black
(looking at the relation of the Gothic scene to those wanting to be a part whose exterior does not match the traditional image of Goth, particularly in terms of skin-tone).

Personally, I have often asked myself why there aren't more people of a non-European exterior in the part of the German gothic scene I have been exposed to and while I have on occasion come up with theories, none of them ever fully convinced me. (Okay, maybe I have even thought "Wouldn't it be nice if there were some more?" but obviously that opens up a whole new unfortunate can of worms, so let's leave that point.)
Surely there shouldn't be any sort of problem, should there?
It's not necessarily all black clothes and all white skin anymore, if it ever was, and even if one wishes to follow that route: Make up can make a black person have unrealistically pale skin about as effectively as it can a white person, so please come in, have a drink, enjoy the music.
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BILD erklärt falsche Frau für tot

Eine tote Frau macht sich eben doch besser, wenn sie still ist.


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