In circles

May. 19th, 2016 04:38 pm
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I suspect that you lied to me.
And in truth I don't mind you did.
It wasn't a big lie and it wasn't an important distinction.
But it gives me food for thought
if you did, you lied to me only because you think I lied to you earlier
Which I didn't.
Which I never did.

I do not want to play this game.
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I really don't know how I feel about the casting of an actual transsexual as the "Sweet Transvestite". :-/ I mean, it's blunt and it's obvious and it's gimmicky but then again it's a FOX production for the "youth of today". I don't really think that releasing another film version of RHPS is the sacrilege that some groups may be treating it as. IMHO it is as necessary/valid as, say that recent run of "Jesus Christ Superstar" featuring John Lydon as Herod. I mean, Joel Grey is cool but Alan Cummings is, too, and he's probably more up to the task of performing an entire musical than Mr. Grey. So, meh!
However I also think that Rocky Horror is very much a product of its time and while it certainly has helped people find themselves/their true sexuality back in the day and while undoubtedly people are still finding likeminded individuals through it even nowadays, it doesn't really hold up any longer. Society has moved on and men in drag are no longer the wreckers of civilisation they used to be.
Also, Frank N. Furter is still an alien, per definitionem "The Inhuman Other". And an evil alien at that. Not really a poster boy for tolerance.

Our tragedy

May. 3rd, 2016 03:34 pm
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We turn into the people somebody less experienced thought they should be
and break the hearts of the creatures we are.
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....wenn Stefan Raab jetzt die Fernsehbühne verlässt, sind wir dann auch bald von seinem Stichwortgeberäffchen Elton befreit? Stefan Raab war ja wenigstens mal lustig.
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Why do I find Alice Morgan so appealing? And don't say "Because those lips just call out to be kissed!".

ION: I know I've said in the past that I would be all for Idris Elba taking over Bond. This goes double after I finished the first season of "Luther". Hang on, why are there only 4 episodes to Seasons 2 & 3? :-o
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Do we really need another "Chucky"-film? No, we probably don't. The "Child's Play"-franchise so far has been a two-trick pony. You had a pretty decent horror film which would have definitely benefited from a little more ambiguity as to whether the killer is really the doll or whether it's actually the little boy but still works well enough as it is. Seriously, even my Mom likes it. And then you had two bog-standard slasher-flicks, providing the gorehounds with what they crave before Ronnie Yu made one of the very rare offspring of "Scream" that actually works on the humour- as well as the horror-level. The less said about "Seed of Chucky", the better.

And now here we have the reboot! *fanfare* Starring Brad Dourif's daughter and Brad Dourif! "Chucky: The next Generation" on so many levels but this time round you get a female instead of a male protagonist. Tropes ahoy!
On the basis of the trailer, I suspect that the new film will not involve a great deal of the ambiguity and actual scariness that made the first film great but instead go for jump-scares, gore and thoroughly vulnerable female characters. I also suspect that I will go any watch the film nevertheless, or at least rent it together with the latest "Hellraiser"-reboot.

The thought that won't leave me alone, though, is that the reworked Chucky looks a lot more like an "evil girl" than his previous incarnations, which considering the female human protagonist and the still male voice looks a lot like a missed opportunity for some intereting new aspects to the franchise.


Apr. 23rd, 2013 10:31 pm
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Whenever I read the phrase "Police are still looking for a motive", I have to slightly chuckle to myself, because what are they going to do with it when they find it? It's not going to help the people hurt by the crime and in most cases the perpetrator is already caught, so a motive won't help much there, either. Admittedly, it might make a difference to the incarcerated, possibly a difference between execution and lifelong imprisonment but on the whole a motive really is not good for much except to signal to the public that you are actually doing something.
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Hm, Rolf Harris has now fallen afoul of the Yew Tree. There seems to be no end. One wonders how many former idols will fall and who will be next? Has the british showbiz elite done nothing but entertain the nation and abuse the nation's youth all those decades?
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Why did I stop blogging? I have stopped blogging, haven't I? You only have to look back at the archive or even *shudder* the second wave of Facebook-posts to see that there used to be far more creativity going on in my output than there has been recently. At the same time, the local forum I used to be a moderately active part of seems to have died a quiet and seemingly terminal death.
Is this all due to Facebook and Twitter, the sort of supposed social media that seem to foster connecting pre-existing material and essence ticking a box saying "I like this" over and over until there is an increasingly high-resolution image of the user's tastes?
What happened to the original content? Have I become too lazy or has my internal censor become too harsh? Is it a matter of age or a lack of reflection? Or are these just shallow times we live in?

There are of course reasons why I don't get the chance to communicate as much and as elaborately as I used to in real life but surely in the virtual realm, things should be different.


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