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Like "You suffer, but why?"
At least if he practices that scream a little bit more. ;-)


In other news: Finished "Jekyll", found it even sillier than I remembered and lost faith in Gina Bellman. And in case you are wondering: No, I am not getting my hopes up for Moftiss' "Dracula".
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About 6.5 years after really liking it. Now, 4 seasons of "Sherlock" and a few episodes of "Doctor Who" later, I'm not quite as taken with it anymore.
James Nesbitt is great, Gina Bellman is gorgeous and at least the first two episodes show a lot of promise. Oh, and some of the dialogue is really funny/witty, just as some of the twists are quite inventive.

More than ever I am starting to doubt that Gina Bellman is much of an actress. I have this theory (mainly on the basis of "Coupling") that there is a certain type of woman that pops up in Moffat series that is mainly there to look gorgeous but little else. Gina Bellman is certainly the most capable actress on that spectrum, but it pains me to actually look at her in those terms. Having said that and knowing that she has apparently done good things on "Doctor Who", I always suspected that Michelle Ryan was pretty much a Moffat Woman in this series.*

In the same vein some of the dialogue is clearly funny but delivered terribly which makes me wonder how the director could let it be fucked up so badly. :-/
The Scary Opera Vocal is also starting to become annoying and quite frankly who ever thought that the comedy monster teeth were a good idea particularly as Hyde never really uses them?

Two more episodes to go and I know this is the part where it's getting silly.

* In case you're interested: To me the worst of the bunch is the "Woman with the Legs" in Coupling 2.1. Yes, she is pretty but she cannot deliver an honest line to save her lip gloss.
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....wenn Stefan Raab jetzt die Fernsehbühne verlässt, sind wir dann auch bald von seinem Stichwortgeberäffchen Elton befreit? Stefan Raab war ja wenigstens mal lustig.
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Why do I find Alice Morgan so appealing? And don't say "Because those lips just call out to be kissed!".

ION: I know I've said in the past that I would be all for Idris Elba taking over Bond. This goes double after I finished the first season of "Luther". Hang on, why are there only 4 episodes to Seasons 2 & 3? :-o
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And all the best to Angus T. Jones, who has apparently now decided to bite the hand that fed him for the last nine years, urging viewers to no longer watch "Two and a half men", as its sex-based comedy clashes with his recently discovered faith.
I'm not even sarcastic here. Yes, I have enjoyed many an episode of "Two and a half men" and yes, I tend to not come across as the most pro-religious person ever but I really think it's nice that Mr. Jones has found something that makes him feel warm and that he has enough integrity to not want to be a hypocrite, even if it means abandoning an undoubtedly hefty paycheck and (unlike Mr. Sheen) not really having any major career to fall back on.
Perhaps there are some more "Left behind"-films to be made.

As for "Two and a half men", let's be honest: It had a good run and Ashton Kutcher did add something to make the ninth and tenth season worthwhile again, but it's enough now. Yes, it could easily continue without Jake, very easily in fact, but there is just far too much retreading of the same old punchlines already for there to be any point in continuing.
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Discussion about the possibility of a female "Doctor Who"

Stuff like this makes me mentally grind my teeth. People, this is Sci-Fi/Fantasy! Anything is possible! Having a massively powerful character who AFAIK does not do much in the way of gender-dependent behaviour anyway and who habitually changes his flesh-envelope as is, should take inhabiting a body which those around interpret as female for a while in her stride no problem.
Think bigger!

(Or have I just read too many "Culture"-novels?)
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Thanks to the lovely Marleen, I had the chance to catch up on a few series I had missed so far recently. The whole thing awakened in me the memories of uni-days together with a longing for feeding my head in this insane manner more often. Instead, I have become "one of those guys", always having to consider the SO in my plans and spontaneous decisions. You can never just ask me whether I have time, it's always "us". And the SO obviously does not share my tastes in these matters.
So this was, on the whole, a very pleasant opportunity.

All in all I was exposed to:

"Sherlock" Season 2: Which I liked on the whole. It is a badly kept secret that I am a major fan of Moffat's work, particularly "Coupling", and that in my youth I read a fair few of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, so this really was a "must watch". And I wasn't disappointed. I thought that "Hounds of the Baskervilles" really was the weakest of the three while "Scandal in Belgravia"'s ending really could have done with being just a smidgen less twisted. I enjoy a good double/triple/quadruple-cross but this was just bordering on silly.

State of Play: In one sitting, I hasten to add. It was worth it. It's good to be occasionally reminded of why John Simm, Polly Walker and Bill Nighy are held in such high regard. There is a small voice in my mind that is trying to urge me to watch the remake with Russell Crowe but at the moment I have my doubts about the wisdom of this step.

Black Mirror:"15 Million Merits": Hm, I think I liked that. The idea and excution certainly were interesting but in terms of length it was getting close to outstaying its welcome. There is only so much you can drag out of the concept in terms of character development, so you either had to keep that to a minimum or make something more significant out of it. The fatty-hating colleague is a case in point for this. He came across as a single arse rather than the representative of an obnoxious society as a whole.
Watching this film made me feel dirty for a while though, despite the fact that I don't really watch a great deal of casting shows.
The National Anthem: Which worked on the whole, I thought. An outrageous idea, no doubt, and solidly handled, but not offering any revolutionary insights into society or the human psyche. It mainly made me wonder why something like this would never stand a chance of being produced for german telly.

Nathan Barley: Which I mainly watched because Marlene mentioned that she normally like Charlie Brooker's work but had bee disappointed by this. Well, and because on the basis of the cover art, I would have guessed this to be an abomination on the scale of "PhoneShop" but other than that really had no idea what to expect. Having said that, I thought that it was actually not bad... for about two episodes, after which it was just more or less repeating the same sortof joke over and over and over. Still, as a parody of the sort of people you can encounter in Berlin as much as London, this worked for a while, even if it mainly came off like a diluted version of a "Jam"-sketch.

Cruise of the Gods: Sorry, I see what you were trying to do there and it's not entirely without good bits but as a whole, it did little for me, except for making me feel that James Corden actually isn't all bad (Still haven't forgiven him for "Lesbian Vampire Killers").
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As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently watched a programme on some (white, well off, american) children between 8 and 17 whose inner gender does not match their bio-gender. Some of them had already begun taking hormones and were now thinking about surgery and some of them were still uncertain about whether they ever wanted to take that step.
What made me think, though, besides questions about performing surgery on pre-puberty bodies, was something one of the little boys said: When asked why he felt that he was a boy despite the fact he had been born as a female, he answered that he had always liked to play with boys' toys like remote-controlled cars and enjoyed sports like Karate, far more than taking part in typical girls' activities. Fair enough, you'd say, and not something one has not heard before.
On the other hand, this also accepts and reinforces the traditional ideas of what it is like to be a boy/girl and what is and is not proper for either gender. This always saddens me a little bit.
I mean, fair enough, you can't ask too much from a child around 10 (sorry, can't remember how old exactly) but I had hoped that we as a society had now reached a level of intelligence where (for example) a bio-girl happily living as and being seen as a "girl" can play with a remote-controlled car and excel at Karate without this in any way meaning.... well, anything more. They don't, or should not, take away your "girl-license" just because you don't conform to a standard that was set more than 50 years ago. "Girl/Boy/Man/Woman" are concepts of consensual definition and therefore more than fluid.

Be what you want to be and be it any way you decide.


Jan. 17th, 2012 02:21 pm
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Hat RTL II jetzt t*g*Indv als neue Zielgruppe/Materialfeld entdeckt? Zuerst eine Doku (using that term loosely) über das erste Trans-Bordell Berlins und gestern dann eine (die wohl von Engländern eingekauft wurde) über Kinder und Jugendliche, die darüber nachdenken, ihre Körper ihrem innerlichen Selbstkonzept anzupassen. Alles natürlich nur sympathische weiße, wohlhabende US-Bürger mit verständnisvollen Familien und Freunden.

Warum schaue ich überhaupt RTL II? Das kommt doch nur von dieser Beziehung.
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Can be found at this address:


I miss Red Dwarf. :-(

And because most things are funnier with Nazis:


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