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This occured to me recently. I have two or three more profound ponderings I might or (more likely) will not share with a larger audience but this is short and to the point, so I can ask it now:
As I have stated before, I am about as interested in my friends' sexual orientation as I am in their preferences in jam/marmelade for breakfast. However, I have over the years heard various arguments to back up the theory that being gay is unnatural/wrong/sick. And while I disagree with them or in some cases have to say that it might come down to a matter of interpretation/opinion, the proposed arguments do in many cases at least have a coherent internal logic. If for example you subscribe to the theory that the purpose of sex is procreation and not pleasure, yes, it does follow that gay activity is unnatural/wrong. However....

What I can not figure out though is a logical argument against bisexuality that goes beyond those raised against unisex preferences. Have any of you wise and experienced people ever been faced with one of those and if yes, what was it?
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