Apr. 3rd, 2014

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"The First Wives Club" certainly wasn't a cinematic masterpiece but it was entertaining enough. Plus, it starred proper established actresses with a fair bit of experience when it came to comedy.
"The other Woman", which judging by the trailer is based on a very similar concept stars Cameron Diaz who hasn't been in anything particularly good in the last few years, Leslie Mann (who apparently has and not just in her husband's films), Nicki Minaj (who I suspect would be involved with the soundtrack if they were doing a sequel to Luhrman's "Moulin Rouge!" these days) and Kate Upton's boobs, where "First Wives Club" only had the less ample but (at the time) far more notorious Elizabeth Berkley.
All in all not very enticing.

And then you have "Sex Tape", the trailer for which just proves that swearing is not automatically funny and/or edgy. And I ask myself why I still mistrust the sight of Jason Segel in a film and what happened to Cameron Diaz? I mean, she used to be in good comedies, didn't she?


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