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It seems a bit silly to complain about this as I guess that things turned out exactly as expected, except that I obviously expected to be disappointed and therefore am surprised that I wasn't. If you get my meaning.

I picked up a book at a library sale. It is a book which I had been interested in for well over 10 years now, after somebody mentioned it as having been an inspiration to a play I had been rather impressed by.

"Happy like murderers: The true story of Fred and Rosemary West". If you don't know who the Wests are/were and are of a sensitive disposition, you might not want to google them.

Seriously, even though I knew of them and even though I sought that book in order to find about all the grisly details, it is making me feel eversoslightly filthy and uneasy.
I was about 100 (of 468) pages in when I thought "I absolutely lost track of how many rapes and sexual abuses were featured up to now and only one of them was committed by the Wests."
The book does not really give you the feeling that Gloucester was/is a particularly nice place to live, especially if you are young and female. And while it does describe the harsh life and abuse that Fred and Rose suffered themselves, you never really feel any sympathy for them. They are just that sickening.

Or maybe it's just the author's odd way of phrasing things.


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