Jan. 6th, 2012

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Here we have a book collecting accounts of various blokes' first sex:

Does that not speak of silent sexuality blooming? Tender touches and the moment when a boy becomes a man? Does it not? Well, at least it speaks of sex about to be initiated. Houston, we are getting naked! It may not reflect my personal experience but it sure is a good cover for a book about sex.

Now here we have the cover of a book about the same subject by the same author, only this time dealing with accounts by women.

Excuse me, what the fuck is this? It looks like a bloody ad for sanitary towels, maybe even medication against nervous bowels. This does not scream sex or even sensuality, except of course if you see women as mainly tender emotional creatures frozen with fear in the headlights of their first erection. What is the thinking behind this? How is this to be representative?


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